Sunday, June 30, 2013

Halfway there!

May 15 of this year, after 1 month of the Boston Marathon bombing, I took it upon myself to begin a 90 day runstreak in honor of those who lost their lives, and the countless others that were injured. As of lately, I've been so relieved that those who were in fact injured are all recovering and doing quite well. Unless there is something in the news I missed, please let me know.

So back to the runstreak!!

Today being June 30, 2013, and day 47 of my streak, I know I'm 2 days over half way, but I've hit the point in this self challenge where I've almost treated it like a race. From May 15-31, I made ran 63 miles and for the month of June, I made it up to 94 for a total of 157 miles. Not the numbers I wanted, but then again, I am not necessarily training for a race at this time, but in the back of my mind, I've got Heels and Hills and Him half marathon coming up on September 22. In this streak, I have managed a couple of days to top out at 7 miles as the heat is rising this summer. Also, I've got into the discipline of doing short 2-3 miles to work on speed. Even have done speed interval workouts: From 2:00/1:00 run-walk and even did 5:00-2:00 rw combos. Anything to help me get faster, I've done it. My best 2 miler was just done a few days ago with a time of 16:20 (8:10 pace) followed by a fast 5 miler (for me anyway) in 43:35 (8:43 pace). Just need to get more into the 8 and 9 mile distances at a time at this speed and I'll be satisfied.

I've become such a speed junkee that I want to go fast. I know I want to run, but I want to run hard, fast, and strong. Anything to chase after that elusive time I want for a sub 2 hour half marathon, and a sub 4 hour full marathon. Once achieved, I'll work on dialing into that pace that will carry me for 26.2 miles to help me qualify fo Boston.

It's like I've gotten angry over the fact that this had to happen to Boston, that I want to fight back. I guess this is my way of fighting, My enemy just happens to be the person I've fought for the last 3 years, and am continuously beating this person, MYSELF!!

I don't have any big goals for July other than to run in this heat because I have no other choice, but hopefully break into 100 again. As I said above about how I've treated this as race, I do have my days where I'm tired, hurt, dehydrated, and overall exhausted, but I can't let that stop me. I've had some wall moments where I wanted to quit and wound up settling for just a mile here and there, but I was content with the fact that I ran for Boston that day, and nothing else mattered. I've had wall moments where I started the run out great, and by the time I got back home, I was ready to keel over. Something in me just said keep going. I hope as I toe the line for my next race(s) that this emotion can stick with me as I hit that part where I know I'm almost finish, but don't want to move anymore. I'll remember what I'm out there.

Run strong

Be Epic Yo!!

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