Sunday, June 9, 2013

26 into 90

Just wanted to log in and blog some more. I spent a good portion of the day after I ran this morning, just picking away on my guitar and just appreciating two talents I have that I love absolutely. Running and playing my guitar. I'm not Steve Prefontaine nor am I no Stevie Ray Vaughan, but I love what I do the same way these two legends loved their respective talents.

So, today I completed day 26 of my 90 day run streak that I started on May 15. Collectively, I have ran a total of 103 miles with an average of 3.96 miles a day. Just about ready to tip the ice of hitting over 4 a day. My goal is 6. This coming week, I'll be going out of town for a ministry camp I've been involved with since I was 19, so there may be some mornings where I'll either get 1 measly mile per day, or switch it to a night run and get the 3 or 4 I want. I'll have to see how this goes. Today, I sat and pondered as I sat down after mixing my post run shake of chocolate powdered protein mix with a banana over some almond milk, I couldn't help but think about how far I've come since my last blog where I wrote about "milestones". I'm excited about the fact that it's now summertime in North Texas, so with that, here comes the heat and the humidity. The last couple of days that I've ran, I've been challenged with these elements of nature, and humbled to have ran respectively 7 miles yesterday and 6 today.

I've also been met with physical adaptations as well. I remember back when I trained for my big races in the past, how fatigued I would get, emotionally tired, and most of all, drained. They all pretty much pointed to how TIRED I was and rest was much needed. In light of this runstreak I am out to do, I've kept those moments in the back of my mind and remembered to take it easy when I needed to and run light on those days. To be honest, after the first week, there were a couple of days where I was so spent that 1 to 2 miles was about all I could muster. Still, a run is a run, so I counted it. Amazingly, the next day I was refreshed and ready for a good 5 to 6 miler. As a bonus, I've dropped close to 10 pounds and my legs feel every bit of it, just wish my waistline did as well. LOL!! With summer coming, my intake of snow cones, ice cream, and junk food increases by a truck load. Ok, that's an exaggerate, but none the less, I eat a lot. I'm working on that too. I promise.

As my run streak has continued on, I've also thought about how my friends in this sport that run ultras train. I imagine those that do a particular runstreak, run the miles I'm running as a "recovery" run, or a "warmup" for that matter. To each his own in that aspect. Love you ultras, someday, I'll conquer this quest..In this respect, I think about how motivated I've been to want to push for that extra mile each morning I step out to do my thing. It's humbling in every way. Can't explain, it just feels good, and in some cases peaceful as I've stated in a run I posted on one day.When you know, you know..

This coming week will mark 1 month that I've been at this task. I can't wait to see what distance I can obtain in the next 30+ days. I didn't really set much of a goal of how many miles I want to accomplish at the end of this challenge, but I'm feeling confident that I can reach 400 by the time it's over. And if I have to stretch to 100 days to reach that goal, you now know I'll be crazy enough to do so. Maybe that will be my birthday present for myself when the time comes around for it.

Off to the races in September as I finish up this streak and persue the next challenge of qualifying for half fanatics. My schedule is as followed so far to obtain this

September 22 - Hills and Hills and Him - Half marathon
October 12 - The Showdown Half
October 20 - The Honored Hero Half

If I catch wind of any "filler" races I can find in between and they're affordable, I may jump in on them as well... Let's get crazy here

Be Epic Yo

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