Saturday, February 4, 2012

Let's get started?? Shall we!!

  Were do I begin? Well, I'll tell you this. After the last couple of years of running, losing weight, getting fit, all of the above, I have FINALLY put together this blog site. I don't know why I've been putting this off, but better late than never. After seeing blogs from my other friends (close ones and the ones I have met online via Facebook and Dailymile) I was inspired to write my own. After 2 years, I got some stories to tell. From my first race I ever did (Dallas White Rock half marathon 2010) to my most recent (Dallas White Rock marathon 2011) and so many training runs and other races as well in between.

  This whole thing began for me by getting my big butt on a treadmill, and the rest they say is history. Ha-Ha!! No seriously, that's pretty much the beginning. You think I'm kidding!! Go ahead and laugh, I'm sure your journey was in a similar fashion as mine just not on a treadmill. Ok, I'm ranting, focus Timmaay!! Focus.. Another reason why I procrasinated with this whole thing is I love to write, and as I think and speak out my thoughts, I write or type them down. Ok, some people call that ADD, I call that my way of expression. So, back to the treadmill story. Back in June of 2009, my wife, Stacie had the laproscopic band aka "Lap-Band" procedure to help her lose weight. When we got married back in October of 2008, one of our determinations as a couple was to get healthy. I'm so thankful my wife took the first step. I would have, but I was lazy at the time. Still am, but that's beside the point. Well, because of her taking the first step, I was inspired.... in more ways than one. As the weight was dropping off of her, I felt at times it was coming onto me. I wasn't quite "eligible" to get the procedure done myself, althought I had thought about doing something to get my weight off. I was starting out at 267 pounds and was at risk of a lot of health problems. Cholesterol was up, risk of diabetes was up, my numbers were so high, even at 29 years old at the time, I was at risk of a heart attack. YIKES!! Ok, got the wake up call I needed. What do I do??

  So, in November of 2009, my wife Stacie and I joined a gym. As she was losing her weight, she was feeling more revived and energetic, and I was just wanted to get energy. Got to start somewhere, so the first night in the gym, I hopped on the treadmill because it didn't look too scary at first, and after barely making it 5 minutes, I thought I was about to die. Stupid me starting out with a light jog, borderline running. Big shock to my system I guess. After about 5 more minutes of just walking, I was done. Afterwards, I went to try out the weight machines and whatever else was offered at the gym. "I'm going to get my money's worth one way or another", I said. After the first night of feeling like I was ran over by a truck, I told Stacie no matter what, I am not quitting. I've ran away from so many other excuses, and I've quit so many other things in life, I'm not quitting myself. Like a good wife, she has stood by me and has been there ever since with her love and support as I have continued this journey. (This is a brief summary by the way of how I got started)

  Today, I'm down to 219 pounds, and I'm not stopping there...

Above is me and Stacie on our wedding day. October 4, 2008. I carry this picture around to let others know that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. As a side note, most of you who are reading know the man in the middle, our beloved and former pastor Tommy Teague who went to be with the Lord back in June of 2011. He was an admirer as well of mine and Stacie's success with our weight loss. For that, I dedicate health and fitness to him and he is always in my heart and mind everytime I workout, run, whatever the case may be. We miss you Brother Tommy.

To say that I am proud of my beautiful wife and what she has accomplished would be a huge understatement. After her big success with weight loss, she paid it forward by walking for 3 days, 20 miles a day, 60 miles total for the Cure.. When you ask who my inspiration is, you don't have to look any further.

  So, what got you started into running? This question was asked one day when I was surfing through For those that don't know, dailymile is "Facebook/Twitter for athletes, runners, cyclists, walkers, and triathletes of all sorts" . From the fittest to the not so fittest, we welcome all and don't discriminate. In fact, we encourage one another as we go about our days when we run, workout, bike, swim, etc. We share some laughs, tears, injuries, good times, and bad. You ever want to join, it's free.. Back to my running! On, there is a #dailymission, or a question of the day. Well, one day that question was asked, and I pondered about it... What got me started into running??... As I mentioned above, it was me getting my butt on the treadmill. Ok, it was more than that. Over the course of my journey, probably not even 5 months into it, I had dropped 35 pounds roughly. I was averaging between 10-11 minutes per mile, and was going up to 5 miles at a time. Needless to say, I was already used to running 5k's (3.1 miles), and this was before I ever knew such things like the "C25K, couch to 5k" program, I was just running just because. Shows you how simple minded I can be. For me, as my weight started going down, and as my wife was being inspired to walk the 3day, I was inspired to give back as well....In my own community. I also mentioned at the beginning of this blog that I had "quit" a lot of things in life, well the military was one of those. So, I thought as a "second chance", I would enlist my services into the police department. I went in, applied, got the letter to come take the PT (physical training) tests, and then written test, please bring paperwork, yady yady I did. The physical requirements were to do 25 pushups(no time limit) without breaking form or dropping, 30 situps in 1 minute, run a mile and a half in 14:36, and then run 300 meters in 1:10. Pushups and situps, easy... 1.5 mile run (13:22), 300 meters (55 seconds). Not bad for a last day 29 year old, since this was done the day before I turned 30. Written portion of the exam, I made a 65. 5 points away from passing, *sigh*.. Best thing that ever happened as it turned out for me, because I didn't have all of my paperwork ready to begin with, and they always say, "if you don't get it the first time, there's always a second".. I haven't made my second attempt yet, but it's in my thoughts to try again, just not sure at this point in time. I got till I'm 45 to make that decision, I got another 14 years to decide, so I got plenty of time.

  As a treat, and cheering up present, I signed up for the Dallas White Rock Half marathon (2010). At that point in my running, 8 miles was about the furthest I've ever gone, to go 13.1, was a huge milestone for me. I bellied up to the bar and finished in 2:28:07. I wasn't too worried about time or placement, I just liked the idea that I was out on the streets of Dallas, Texas with upwards of 22,000 other people doing what we love, RUNNING. So you've ask, now you know. Since then, I've made several other achievements, and I am still not stopping anytime soon.


  1. Welcome to bloggin' Timmaay. Thanks for sharing your story! Congrats on all your success in running. Keep on keeping on, my friend.

  2. The before and afters are amazing Tim, simply amazing! Keep up the good work and keep blogging so we can share in the excitment!!! p.s. thats my FAV. pic of stace, in the hat!