Saturday, February 4, 2012

Following up!

 Ok, now I've gotten the whole summary of my journey out of the way, I thought I'd get more into what I do now. Since my running has taken off, I've hit some highs, and some lows here recently. The biggest high, was through my success in losing weight and becoming a dedicated runner as I like to think of it as, I am also a personal trainer. Granted I didn't make the first go round in becoming a po-po, I felt it was not my time. Over time, I was blessed and grateful to have friends ask for health advice, and what to eat, what not to eat, how to workout, what workouts to do. All sorts of cool stuff. I had no clue, I just got up one, stopped making excuses and took it from there. I didn't quite know the science behind, so I studied to become a personal trainer. I love it!! I haven't found "employment" just yet in the field, but I am getting my ducks lined up to start training on my own at my home gym where I started. Kind of like "being my own boss" type of gig. Which I admit, it's scary to think about striking out on my own after working for "the man" for the last 11 years of my adult working life.

 That's ok! Fear is what drives people. That and encouragement which are my two favorites. My goal and passion in life is to pay it forward, and help those who can't help themselves. I for one have been there. Still there to some degree, but I've got resources from all around that have helped me as much as I hope I have helped them. Love you peeps, you know who you are!!

 So far 2012 has been good to me. I suffered and injury back when I ran the White Rock Marathon. I was diagnosed with bursitis in my IT (illiatibial) band. This injury usually occurs in the hip area, but mine is on the outer side of my left knee. I can run no problem, afterwards, I have to stretch it, ice it, and then take my leg roller to it. I can go about 3 miles and then I have to stop because the pain is a little much to handle. I've used this injury as an opportunity to try other avenues and also workouts I can encorporate when I'm training clients. Plus, as a bonus, the cross trainining is off the hook. I've taken up biking on occasion and even added more strength training. More than what I usually do. Look out Arnie. Just kidding.

 I originally had 3 races lined up before "spring" hit here in Texas. I prayerfully and even talked it over with my wife, and also another good friend of mine, and I have decided to sit out my upcoming races. I couldn't be anymore relieved that I am doing this. Not just for financial purposes, but for the purpose of me getting started as a trainer. I can't have distractions when I'm getting this going. In this case for me, less is more. For what distance I can run before my ITB acts up, I have been able to focus on it by increasing speed. Yes, I am capable of running long distances, I proved it on December 4th of 2011, but I know I can do better than what I finished in (4:58:07). So for now, I'm going with shorter distances, faster speeds instead of longer and slower. 5 and 10ks have become my favorite distances to run lately. My goal is to nail a sub 2 hour half marathon by the fall, which should give me the drive to hit that sub 4 mark for a full 26.2 marathon.

 Being sidelined for now has given me some time to "soul search" as well. Who am I as an athlete, what can I do to improve, where do I go from here.... These are some of the questions I have asked myself here recently. In October of 2011, I signed to run a 20 mile race as a warmup before the full marathon. Sad to say, I bonked at mile 17 and  DNF'd (did not finish). I learned so much about myself that day. One of the perks of being a runner is, you FIND yourself. Another perk is that it sometimes takes more than just one marathon to do that. I don't quite have MYSELF found yet, but the roads, the pavements, and sometimes the trails know the real me.

Me at the finishline at White Rock 2011. Proudest day in my running career thus far.

The following weekend, I was rewarded with my certificate to now be a trainer. Had to rock the "26.2" tee along with.

My wife's handywork as she was cheering for me. Let us RUN with perseverance the RACE marked out for US... Hebrews 12:1

In case I forget the meaning, I just look down and I have a permanent reminder.


  1. HEY TIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY AWESOME blog AWESOME writing and AWESOME STORY! I am so glad you shared this as you are an inspiration to me and to others!! You write very, very well and kept me intrested (not just because I know you).
    Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more!

  2. Great job on your race, training, & cert!